Koji Kusanagi is…
  • A music composer
  • A software engineer
  • An artistic experimentalist
k2works is…
  • A business name for Koji Kusanagi’s individual creative activities

Koji Kusanagi is a music composer, known primarily as a creator of a royalty-free soundtrack library for indie-games, also creates some experimental sound collages.

He also works as a proprietary software engineer for a well-known Japanese web-service company. In recent years, his strength has been in the design and implementation of high-performance application satisfying both robustness and coherence in real-time parallel processing of large-scale data (from millions to billions).

His name has several different spellings depending on the language context.

  • 草薙 考司
  • くさなぎ こうじ
  • Koji Yoden Kusanagi

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