Base48 Iroha Notation to Decimal Converter

At this time, we only offer Japanese-language site, because an input method for Japanese language has to be installed on your device to use this site. Also, you must be proficient in the operation of it.

Base 48 Iroha Notation is a notation system originally defined by this site, that its numbers are written in Japanese Hiragana.

This site provides a set of bidirectional convertors, between the decimal numbers written in the usual arithmetic numerals, and the numbers in Base 48 Iroha Notation.

We offer its simple and bidirectional Web APIs. It supports XML, JSON, JSONP, PHP-serialized, and plain text as its response format.

This site is a successor of Base47 Iroha Notation to Decimal Converter, upgraded after 14 years, that was originally made just as a joke for the Internet April Fool 2008.

Yes, it is another joke, putting more effort into something that is absolutely useless, and working very hard to improve it.