Participated in the “you” covering & remixing project

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”, I participated in an event to co-create covers and remixes using officially distributed recording materials.

I am honored to announce that I had the opportunity to create my own arrangement of “you”, one of the game’s most famous songs, with dai’s permission.

In some years, I re-recorded some songs distributed for some arcs of “Higurashi”, with direction of dai-san. We have never had the opportunity to work together on a song before, except that.

However, in an event that celebrating the 20th anniversary of the game, I finally had a chance of arranging this masterpiece “you”. I felt that it seemed to be the first collaboration on a song in these decades.

This “remix“ is not intended to be played in the game. I just wanted to express the emotion capsuled in the lyrics of “you” with the best effort of mine in a week. Mashed up with some “beautiful noise” with an indie rock atmosphere was the way of mine.

Although this is a rough mix that was recorded ASAP in time for an event that will last until December 31, I think I was able to achieve my goal of expressing the wailing with a wall of sound, even though the chord tones remain the same, by slamming dozens of guitars into it.

The feelings that cannot be described in words are behind the wall of noise.

If you listen to it with a blast of sound that makes you worry about your ears, you might get something out of it.